Thursday, July 17, 2008

"What have you done for fun today?"

My boss told this story in our staff meeting the other day, and I liked it, so i thought I would share it with 'all y'all' out there.

This weekend she was grocery shopping with her little daughter Marnie, and because she could not get all the groceries and the baby to the car together, she decided to use the drive up service. As she was helping load groceries into the back of her van the man from the store asked, "So, what have you done for fun today?"

"Well, nothing," she replied, tipped the man and drove away.

She said she pondered that simple statement for the rest of the weekend, and it spoke to her -- just an honest question from someone who was just doing his job. She tried to remember the last time that she just had fun, honest to goodness fun, and she couldn't remember. So with this simple statement she has resolved to have more fun, or find the fun in the things that she is already doing (like taking a baby to the grocery store).

I really liked this story, I feel like it could be a simple change that many of us could make, myself included. Summer is an easy time to have fun, at least for students. The responsibilities are far less and there are so many more opportunities: outdoor concerts, just eating outside, fairs and festivals, etc. The daylight drifts on, and people are more apt to linger.

But, I am really going to try to strive to have more fun -- everyday -- even when I have a million things due coming back to school in the fall, and I challenge you all as my friends to do the same, or at least to keep me in check. I think this time apart from Austin, my home and my friends has really helped me to value the time that I do have with loved ones, and once I settle back into the routine of normal life, I hope that I don't lose sight of all of, spread the fun.



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