Thursday, February 24, 2011

"Warm" Weather Projects

AKA, my husband the hero.

I just love this photo of him, swoon.

In the past two weeks, this guy has done all sorts of things for our home.
  • Installed a new bathroom light fixture
  • Painted the Mud Room floor and foundation bricks
  • Installed a new light fixture in the mudroom
  • Painted the hallway (using a 22 foot ladder and being REALLY high up...above stairs. I was scared for him.)
  • Built a new set of stair for the mud room
  • Ordered a new storm door to install next week! Yay!
  • Replaced tons of outlets and light switches (they were all mismatchy, and I am slightly OCD...also 3 pronged outlets - yay!)
  • Rewired bathroom light switch for a solely aesthetic purpose
  • Tarred old chimney that may have been causing leaks into little sister's room
  • Glued down loose pieces of approximately 100 year old hardwood floors
...and I think that's it. Whew. He did a lot. Love you babe, mean it.

And this weekend, he has volunteered himself for more!

Our backyard has already come a loooong way, but we are hoping to be able to actually get some landscaping and, dare I say it, GRASS out there this summer. 

Hopefully this weekend though Austin will be completing a clothesline project (for all those cute cloth diapers to hang on that will be coming soon to Casa Gage) and building me a raised vegetable garden! (just the bed, I will do the planting...I'm not completely slacking here.)

Last year I did herbs (in individual pots) and already have the seeds starting inside the house for them this year...but this year I am also adding veggies to the mix! I may also be tackling composting, but we will see how much I can really handle with baby arriving as well.

I am pretty excited for spring to come and for fresh herbs and tomatoes. 

Caprese from the garden anyone?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How Romantic

So, our Valentine's ended up being pretty romantical.

Even though we both said we weren't going to do anything, I came home to a lovely arrangement of flowers and a card, and I pulled a card and the Mumford & Sons CD out of my purse for Austin.

Hydrangeas and Tulips, oh my.

But then, then he gave me the most romantic gift of all.

A trip to Home Depot to order our new storm door for the front of the house.

That man sure knows the way to my heart.

(Seriously though, I have wanted this since we moved in.)

Photos in 7-10 business days when it gets here!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

On this, the last year of our time together as just a couple, Austin and I will be celebrating by continuing our home renovation project that we started this weekend.

It may involve our mudroom.


And there may be some pictures to come soon.

Just maybe.

Until then I will leave you with this, the stock photo of the new light fixture we (read: Austin) installed this weekend.

Isn't it dreamy?

Here's to spending Valentine's Day with the one you matter what you are doing.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Addition to the Blogroll

One of the brightest spots at my current place of employment is the friendship that I have gotten to have with my coworker Whitney.

She is such a doll, and does event/wedding planning on the side. She has a great blog where she pulls together some of her fave photos, etc from the internet and events that she has done.

Check her out at Whitney Turner Event Co.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Feeling Nostalgic

Today I was reflecting on old friends, memories and how much I love and miss them...not that they are dead or anything, most of us are just temporarily geographically separated.

In honor of those feelings, in no particular order, I present, old-photos-I-love-from-Facebook.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Navy jobs and such

I just realized that I haven't blogged at all regarding Austin's next job rotation! Austin's time with the Arleigh Burke will be up this summer - can you believe it will have been 2 years already? I can't. So we have been dealing with open billets, etc. for a while now.

It has been sort of a crazy couple of months, and for a few days (right after we found out we were expecting) we thought that the Navy was going to send us to Hawaii. On July 1st. As in 1 day after Baby G is due. Ha! That would have been fun, but something finally clicked into place and it looks like we will get to stay right here in Hampton roads for the next two years!

Yay for not having to sell a house in this market, getting to have Baby G have some time around family and close friends, not having to say goodbye to all our Arleigh Burke friends just yet, and for just shore duty in general (for you non-Navy folks, shore duty - naval service at land bases). 

Now, as they say, nothing is for certain until the ink is dry on the orders, and sometimes not even then, but it looks as though Austin will be taking his turn as the Supply Officer (SUPPO) for the Gladiators VFA-106.

That's right, Austin is headed over to the Brown Shoe Navy (the aviation side) for a little while. He is pretty excited. Especially after hearing that sometimes the squadron flies to Arizona for lunch and then back. 

All in a day's work, right?

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