Friday, February 4, 2011

Navy jobs and such

I just realized that I haven't blogged at all regarding Austin's next job rotation! Austin's time with the Arleigh Burke will be up this summer - can you believe it will have been 2 years already? I can't. So we have been dealing with open billets, etc. for a while now.

It has been sort of a crazy couple of months, and for a few days (right after we found out we were expecting) we thought that the Navy was going to send us to Hawaii. On July 1st. As in 1 day after Baby G is due. Ha! That would have been fun, but something finally clicked into place and it looks like we will get to stay right here in Hampton roads for the next two years!

Yay for not having to sell a house in this market, getting to have Baby G have some time around family and close friends, not having to say goodbye to all our Arleigh Burke friends just yet, and for just shore duty in general (for you non-Navy folks, shore duty - naval service at land bases). 

Now, as they say, nothing is for certain until the ink is dry on the orders, and sometimes not even then, but it looks as though Austin will be taking his turn as the Supply Officer (SUPPO) for the Gladiators VFA-106.

That's right, Austin is headed over to the Brown Shoe Navy (the aviation side) for a little while. He is pretty excited. Especially after hearing that sometimes the squadron flies to Arizona for lunch and then back. 

All in a day's work, right?


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