Thursday, February 24, 2011

"Warm" Weather Projects

AKA, my husband the hero.

I just love this photo of him, swoon.

In the past two weeks, this guy has done all sorts of things for our home.
  • Installed a new bathroom light fixture
  • Painted the Mud Room floor and foundation bricks
  • Installed a new light fixture in the mudroom
  • Painted the hallway (using a 22 foot ladder and being REALLY high up...above stairs. I was scared for him.)
  • Built a new set of stair for the mud room
  • Ordered a new storm door to install next week! Yay!
  • Replaced tons of outlets and light switches (they were all mismatchy, and I am slightly OCD...also 3 pronged outlets - yay!)
  • Rewired bathroom light switch for a solely aesthetic purpose
  • Tarred old chimney that may have been causing leaks into little sister's room
  • Glued down loose pieces of approximately 100 year old hardwood floors
...and I think that's it. Whew. He did a lot. Love you babe, mean it.

And this weekend, he has volunteered himself for more!

Our backyard has already come a loooong way, but we are hoping to be able to actually get some landscaping and, dare I say it, GRASS out there this summer. 

Hopefully this weekend though Austin will be completing a clothesline project (for all those cute cloth diapers to hang on that will be coming soon to Casa Gage) and building me a raised vegetable garden! (just the bed, I will do the planting...I'm not completely slacking here.)

Last year I did herbs (in individual pots) and already have the seeds starting inside the house for them this year...but this year I am also adding veggies to the mix! I may also be tackling composting, but we will see how much I can really handle with baby arriving as well.

I am pretty excited for spring to come and for fresh herbs and tomatoes. 

Caprese from the garden anyone?



WOW go Austin! I hope he doesn't wear himself out!


Just as a heads up, I'm not sure how concerned you are about hiding your full identity/name, but you might want to blur out A's name on his uniform.


When I grow up, I hope to be as sweet and phenom as you and Austin! Really, meant it!

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