Saturday, January 22, 2011

My favorite subject...

...for my new toy.

This guy!

Why are you waking me?

I will ignore you until you go away.

He loves it. 

He just hides it well.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Why I love my husband

Reason #3,521

He got me this for Christmas!

A Canon Rebel T1i

Swoon. He got me a whole kit package deal that came with an extra lens and all sorts of jank that I have no idea how to use yet. You may remember that I have wanted one of these for for-ev-er.

But, now that Baby Gage is on the way, he finally agreed it was about time to invest in something nice. I need to practice with it, of course, but I am so excited to learn all the ins and outs of my new toy. if only I could get home from work in time to use some natural light, maybe my skills would grow a little quicker...

Thanks Babe!

p.s. continuing the tradition of being the awesome wife that I am, Austin got an Xbox Kinect and a super fancy electric razor for Christmas. Something fun and something he will have time to shave when this baby arrives. Ha!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Project: Patio

A long, long time ago...I can still remember...

(Points if you now have American Pie running through your head...alright, alright! Here is the link, don't hurt yourself searching for it)

...when I posted about these photos about destroying our coal bin and old sidewalk in order to put in a patio.

Well, that patio is in!

Austin started by digging all the ground up and laying down  some  a hell ton of stone to make it level...

Oh yes, once we got rid of the coal bin - guess what we found? No siding underneath! Yay! So, we had to special order siding that looks like our historical siding, but isn't actually made from the same materials {coughcoughasbestoscough, seriously see here for more about it}and repair the window sill to our laundry room... none of which has been painted in any of these photos. The hubs has since gotten it together and painted...

ANYWAY, back to the patio.

This was the original pattern - very square and neat...then we remembered that our house is almost 100 years old and isn't so square plans changed.

Oh hey Bings - did you want to get in the way help?

That's a good boy, kick up all that gravel that Austin spent smoothing out into a level surface...he will be pleased. (Note that I took a photo instead of stopping him)

Once we realized that our house was not square, we (read: Austin and his man friends who were helping) went back and off set every row a bit, which I love so much more.

Once the pattern was set for real, it was time to put down some sand stuff...apparently it acts like cement and seals everything and keeps the pavers from shifting too much, or something.

A few days later, once all the edging stones were in place, our "little" patio that I had requested turned out to be this 200 sq foot beauty.

The stones are wet from spraying down that sand stuff one last time...the little pavers seem to hold water longer, so it doesn't really look like a checkerboard. They are all the same color and finish. Also, those are free chairs the previous owners left behind - score!

See those edging stones being finished along the, erm, edge? Now of course it is all finished and the house is painted, the only thing left is to replace that back door and hang a light fixture (that we already bought) to the right of the door. (I wish we could move that power box - maybe someday I can convince Austin to do it)

It already looks so much more finished than this photo - I will get one up once the door and light are installed - but still, from a gravel filled backyard complete with coal bin to this? All on our own?

We are feeling like home improvement rock stars.

Project Mantle: Budget Breakdown

Um, I wrote this post forever ago...but then we went to Italy and got pregnant. Yay for finally getting it up.

Well, since there was such an overwhelming response to our little mantle project, {seriously, thanks you guys! I love the affirmation}I thought I would do a handy dandy budget breakdown, much like I did for my refinished cabinet a while back.

It is seriously surprising the impact you can make for a teensy bit of money and some elbow grease...and in our case, a good amount of blood, sweat and tears that always comes with home improvement.

Wood...............................$25 (we bought a bunch extra, just in case)
Saw (borrowed)................$0
Caulk/Glue .......................$6
Paint for brick/
inside of fireplace/
woodwork....................... $36
Total cost........................ $67

To go from this:

to this:

More projects coming soon.

Yay for being back to blogging!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It runs in the family...

No, not babies...though that does too (apparently we are a fertile people)

but writing! Especially in blog format.

My leetle seester has started a blog! You can find her over on the blog roll, and at this link.

Currently there is an awesome post up featuring Baby G! So, get over there soon <3

Baby Gage

As most of you probably heard by now, Austin and I are expecting our first non-furry child this Summer! Baby G will be arriving somewhere around June 30th.

Look at that little hand waving! Hello world!

We are really excited, but I have another secret...I have been blogging about it this whole time.

Gasp! Shock! Awe!

Which is also why I have been neglecting this blog. The truth is, I was so tired in my first trimester that I came home everyday and...laid on the couch and didn't move. And, then I went to bed. Sad times. I really made sure to utilize the hidden secret blog, because I knew that I needed to capture those moments...but I couldn't tell anyone! Maddening.

But, now my energy is up again (cross your fingers that it sticks around...) and I have TONS of things to post to both blogs.

So, if you would like to check out the baby blog, dedicated to all the realities and memories and experiences of my pregnancy...come visit over at Accelerated Baby

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