Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Working for the Weekend

For your listening pleasure while you read...

Actually this post is about working during the weekend, which has nothing to do with Loverboy's song, buuuut it popped into my head, so there you go.

The last few weekends my loving husband has turned into, gulp, a responsible homeowner. He has been heading to his new favorite toy store, Home Depot, to rent and buy all sorts of tools.

Two weekends back he rented a tiller, in order to "till the land"{that was his Paul Bunyan-esque quote any time he talked about it}. The land was referring to our front yard, which is roughly the size of a postage stamp. But, there was all sorts of crab grass, clover, etc. out there and Austin's man ego was being impeded by the glory of our neighbor's beautiful grass.

So, he tilled the land. And now we have a yard full of dirt, rather than weeds.

He promises me we will have grass soon. We will see.

This past weekend he and his roommates from the ship rented a jackhammer. How much fun can boys have with a jackhammer? A lot apparently.

His one roommate and his wife just bought a new house, and needed to get rid of a small area of poured cement in their backyard. They went there first.

We had to get rid of a huge coal bin in our backyard.

A coal bin? Yup. A coal bin. It is was huge and ugly and the first thing that when we looked at the house I said, "This has got to go."

Well, it is gone, as is our old sidewalk to make room for a glorious patio, coming soon to a blog post near you. It took nearly all day, and the stuff that the boys found in there was unbelievable. It was concrete, rebar, wood, sheet metal, random steel I beams, newspaper all sorts of nonsense.

They had a blast. Seriously. And Austin got to buy a sledgehammer. Bonus!

How should we go about this?



The whole thing did come down, I just don't have a photo for you. I will post some later when we finish the patio project. More house photos to come!


Jessica and Adam Herndon

hahaha...last weekend and this coming weekend we spent very similarly...Adam and his dad put in the foundation for our new back deck and we tore up the entire front yard and planted. CRAZY amounts of work, but we'll all enjoy the outdoor spaces when it's all said and done!

florest family

I'm glad I don't have the only hubby crazy about the yard :) Have fun!

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