Thursday, April 22, 2010

In the spirit of Earth Day

Go here: and vote for Fun Forest in Chesapeake, VA, courtesy of Sears' More Green Across America campaign.

The story submitted on behalf of the park:
On April 1, 2010, someone set fire to the Fun Forest playground at Chesapeake City Park leaving in its place only charred ruins. The following week was spring break for area children, with Fun Forest being a likely destination for the younger ones. What greeted them as they entered the park was crime scene tape surrounding a beloved playground. The park was conceived by the Chesapeake Division of the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce in 1994, and built by nearly 2,000 volunteers from all over the city and beyond. At the time, it was called the largest handicapped-accessible park on the East Coast. Already the Chesapeake Department of Parks and Recreation has received contributions and offers of help from many people outraged by the destruction of Fun Forest, but much more is needed. Please send the Sears Lawn & Garden Crew to Chesapeake and help us rebuild Fun Forest.


The Hrudowsky Family

Stuff like this makes me so mad that someone was so mean to take the fun away from all of the kiddos that love to play there. But the votes look good and hopefully all of the other parks will loose and Fun Forest will be rebuilt!!!

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