Monday, May 3, 2010

The death of an appendix. Part I

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Oh, where to start with this post. You may have noticed I had gotten back on track with blogging and then for going on two weeks there was, well, nothing.

You also probably heard from fb, phone calls, etc. that Austin's appendix burst.

The two are connected.

And here is the story.

The Tuesday night before Austin's birthday (April 20th) we were heading to bed. As we were brushing teeth, etc. Austin began complaining of some stomach pain. Thinking nothing of it we both went to bed.

Wednesday morning, Austin got up and went to work at 5:30 like usual. Here are where things get a little blurry. You see, Austin was preparing for a huge inspection to take place on Monday the 26th while at work. Wednesday night he had watch. So, I didn't hear from him or see him from Wednesday morning at 5 am until Thursday (his birthday) at 7:30 pm when he got home from work. (Happy Birthday!)

Apparently during that time his pain had localized and several people suggested he get it checked out by a doctor. They even threw around the word appendix. Did he take heed? Clearly not, else we would not have a story.

The big indicator on Thursday was whether or not he had a fever, so we took his temperature. No fever. Not even a little one. We took it easy for the rest of the night and took his temp again before bed. 

Still no fever.

Stay tuned for Part II, or "The Fever Sets in"


Megan My Dear

can't wait to hear more!

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