Thursday, May 27, 2010

I am bad at negotiation


I emailed on the sideboard. Yup, this one.

Strangely, the seller's name is also Courtney and she is willing to negotiate on the price.

Sadly, I am bad at negotiation.

Do I low ball it at $200 and hope for the best?

Cut it to $250?

Thoughts. Help. Please.


Jessica and Adam Herndon

Low ball at $200 and if she says no...then offer $250. It doesn't hurt to offer lower...the worst that can happen is she says she won't take that price and you offer more money or walk away from the piece. Hope to hear of successful negotiations soon!


I told you to offer $200. DO IT.




I agree with Jessica and Adam. I found an antique trunk I HAD TO HAVE (it used to be in my bedroom on Arch, you may have seen it) and it was on sale for some crazy price. I told the guy I was interested and he said make an offer. I low-balled and offered him 50% of the cost and he said SOLD.

So you never know.

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