Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The death of an appendix. Part II

When we left off, we were heading to bed and Austin had no fever.

When we woke up Friday morning, that was not the case. Austin took his temperature at 5:30 am {his normal wake up time}. It was a balmy 100.5.

This is it, I thought, we are heading to the hospital. But, instead Austin made excuses. He actually said to me, "I just got out of all those blankets from the bed, and that was hot, blah blah blah."

{See differences in warm-blooded and cold-blooded creatures here}

In any case, he somehow convinced me, probably since it was o'dark thirty, that he could go to work and have his corpsman take his temperature. Then if he was still running a fever he would email me and let me know it was time to go.

So I rolled over and went back to sleep. Bad wife.

When I got up to go to work there was no message.

On my way to work, still no message.

Got to work, maybe he emailed my work address? Nope. Still no message.

So I emailed him with an overt threat subtle suggestion that I would call the ship if I didn't hear back from him ASAP regarding his temperature and us going to the hospital. I got an email back within approximately 5 minutes stating that he still had a fever and everyone, including his own boss was suggesting that he go to the hospital.

I put my boss on alert that I was "on call" and may have to leave early. I got an email saying "Ok, I give up, I am leaving soon" at 11:30 and left work when Corey and Daniel {who were coming into town for the ill fated extravaganza at our house} got there to {originally} take me to lunch.

It would be hours before I made it to the hospital.

Stay tuned for Part III or "The Story of a Sulking Husband"


Megan My Dear

loving the installments. it's like my stories.

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