Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Life's tough

You see, I have been searching all over for a sideboard for our dining room that I am in LOVE with. Inspired by some others' recent finds I decided to hit up Craigslist and came upon this beauty for $500, right here in VA Beach.

It's crying out for a home in our bungalow! Le sigh.

It does call for it's own movers though, and my husband is well, incapacitated with the whole appendix issue thing. But I may call on it anyway.

While I waver and over think {as I always do}, my friend Lindsey in GA took a little look around the Atlanta Craigslist. Look what she found for $100 obo.

You have to be kidding me, right? 

Granted, the mirror is covered on that one so who knows what the condition is underneath. But still.

Life's not fair.


Megan My Dear

soooo not fair. can't you make linz get a truck and bring it to you? you could replace the mirror for not that much!

Jessica and Adam Herndon

WOW What a small world!! Too crazy...make a lower offer and go get your new sideboard. It really is a beaut.

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