Monday, May 24, 2010

People Watching

One of my favorite past times is people watching.

Once upon a time I was a TLC (Traveling Leadership Consultant) for my sorority. This job included traveling every couple of days via plane, traveling via planes puts you where? In airports.

As every moment of every day I was with collegiate members of the organization I reveled in my alone time at airports - get there three hours early? Fine by me. A four hour layover? Sign me up.

Do you know why I was ok with it? Because an airport is an AWESOME place to people watch.

This weekend I found a few more great places.

  • A Brad Paisley concert (you can see photos at our friends' blog here)
  • The Chesapeake Jubilee
  • The Boot on comedy night
Cast of characters spotted include; booty dancing pregnant women, an angry mom complete with angry mom haircut, mom jeans and a patterned jacket, a man with an American flag polo shirt with the Declaration of Independence superimposed over the flag, kissing cousins, 13 year olds in bikini tops and cutoff jean shorts and Mullets, Mullets everywhere.

Ah, humanity.

Oh yeah! These are the people in front of us who were no way younger than 50. 
They snuck in a bottle of Southern the butt of one of the men's jeans. Niiiiice.


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