Friday, April 16, 2010

Austin got Pinned

No, not like Sandy in Grease...he got his SWSCO pin!

The SWSCO (pronounces Swiss Co) stands for Surface Warfare Supply Corps Officer.

A short definition (though I realize Wikipedia is not an academic source):

"The Surface Supply Corps Insignia is granted to those members of the Navy Supply Corps who qualify as Surface (Warfare) Supply Officers. Such officers are trained in damage control, flight operations, shipboard supply systems, and receive a limited amount of training as an Officer of the Deck.

For advancement in the Surface Supply Community, the Surface Warfare Supply Pin must be obtained by junior supply officers within 18 months from reporting onboard a naval vessel. Those failing to qualify as a Surface Supply Officer are transferred to permanent ground assignment as Shore Supply Officers. This provides ample motivation for Supply Officers to qualify for a Surface Warfare Supply Pin."

The have to do it within 18 months, Austin has been on board for 10, which is super early and I am so proud of him!

His boss actually gave him her first SWSCO pin to wear that had been handed down to her when she first earned it, so he gets to wear that until he helps some other little J.O. obtain theirs and then will hand it down to them. Kind of a cool tradition.

After his board exam for it getting bumped back again and again and again, he finally stood boards Wednesday morning and the wardroom had a little presentation for him this afternoon where he got his pin.

Yay Austin!

P.s. He also got HCO qualified today, which I have no idea what that means, but has something to do with helicopters.

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