Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Our Navy Bungalow: Fireplace Project

Welcome to this episode of "Our Navy Bungalow". (Just go with it).

When we moved in, the fireplace side of our living room looked like this:

{If you remember from this post, this is not our stuff. 

Except Dennis. He was our Realtor.}

After a few days in the house, I spent a few hours and a few brain cells applying 10 coats of chemical stripper and tons of elbow grease to remove 13 coats of paint on that mantle. When Austin came home, I made him stain it. Then one day I couldn't stand looking at that flat, gross, red color of the bricks and I painted it. 

I know! I know! Sacrilege. Anywho, it came out like this:

It still wasn't my favorite, but it was so much better.

Then, we painted the living room blue.

The fireplace still plagued me. The proportions were just so off. So, I designed a project.

Project code name: Mantle

Some of this...

A little of this...

And a little more, there...

and a fresh coat of paint on the bookshelves....

drum roll, please...

and we have, our new and improved...


{feel free to click on these for larger photos}

Le sigh. I love it so much more. What do you guys think?

Just for fun, one more Before and After side by side.


Noah, Whitney, Izabel and Tanner Ketchledge

So beautiful! I'm jealous of your craftiness :)

florest family

looks great! :)

The Hrudowsky Family

Um... Zeta colors??? You're awesome!


whoa! love it. maybe you should be on Design Star next year?

Katherine Andersen

Wow Courtney, it looks GREAT! What you did to the fireplace really makes the room. The proportions were off before but i'm not sure i would have picked up on it and i don't think i would have been able to come up with a solution like that. You definitely have a backup career as a decorator if you need one.


Looks great!

Esp. the sign on your bookshelf.



Your space looks so much bigger and lighter than the original!

Jane Douglas

Looks amazing - what colour was it on the walls?


Do you remember the name of the color blue you painted the walls? Please!!

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