Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Is he wearing manpris?

A few weeks back we finally got to utilize Austin's anniversary present and go to the John Mayer concert! Woo!

Please ignore the flat hair. It was 200* outside. kthanks.

Upside: Love us some John Mayer.
Downside: It was approximately as hot as the surface of the sun.
Upside: They serve cold adult beverages there.
Downside: They are $10 each.

Apparently we didn't mind.

We hung out for a while, met up with some of our friends for a cooling beverage and headed to our seats. John came out, the lights came up and Austin's first reaction - "Is he wearing manpris?"

Not only did John rock some plaid manpris, but he also rocked navy blue Sperry's. He dressed for the beach, people.

He also made some funny faces

The concert was full of great music and great people to judge (I am looking at you, parents drinking mexican beer who brought their one year old baby girl to a loud rock concert and got seats right up in front of the speakers clearly way past her bedtime when it was 200 degrees outside after the sun went down).

We had a blast.


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