Monday, July 26, 2010

An Almost Perfect Game

Austin and I had a super relaxing and awesome weekend with friends and lots of board games.

Why board games? Because it was hot outside. Super hot.

Like, our temperature display in our car read 106* at several points this weekend kinda hot outside. Blech.

The good thing about board games? you play them inside.

This, my friends, is a picture of an almost perfect game of Scrabble.

Please note the even distribution of words throughout the board, and that we used every letter. Not a single person was left with a letter on their tray. Amazing.

Also, we neatly filled the score sheet by rounding out our game in the last box. Besides the fact that we got to play with our super awesome friends, Dan and Lisa.

You can thank Dan and his years of education for the word "tit" in the upper right hand corner, which has induced almost enough embarrassment for me to not post this picture (let's be real). Please note he also got a triple word score out of that intellectual contribution.

Yes, I know there are multiple meanings. Look it up if you don't know them.

But you know which one he meant. Gah.

So this was our almost perfect game.

Why "almost" you ask?

Well, because I didn't win of course.

Coming in second to the master mind behind the pursuit of the word "taquito" (can you find where it could have happened on the board?) will just have to be enough for me.


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