Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Baby Gage

As most of you probably heard by now, Austin and I are expecting our first non-furry child this Summer! Baby G will be arriving somewhere around June 30th.

Look at that little hand waving! Hello world!

We are really excited, but I have another secret...I have been blogging about it this whole time.

Gasp! Shock! Awe!

Which is also why I have been neglecting this blog. The truth is, I was so tired in my first trimester that I came home everyday and...laid on the couch and didn't move. And, then I went to bed. Sad times. I really made sure to utilize the hidden secret blog, because I knew that I needed to capture those moments...but I couldn't tell anyone! Maddening.

But, now my energy is up again (cross your fingers that it sticks around...) and I have TONS of things to post to both blogs.

So, if you would like to check out the baby blog, dedicated to all the realities and memories and experiences of my pregnancy...come visit over at Accelerated Baby


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