Saturday, July 26, 2008

Party like it's 2032

My parents are currently at their 30th Class Reunion (those are their senior yearbook photos, HA!) which got me thinking...where will we be in 24 years?

It's hard to imagine what a reunion would be like, not even having our 10th yet, (2012, here we come) but let's see we will be 48...well if we have it before August I will be 47, but Austin will be 48 ;)

Hopefully we will have a couple of kids off doing impressive things so we can brag about them, as parents are wont to do...and with the Navy reopening the fourth fleet, which covers the Carribean, Latin America and South America, hopefully we will have lived in Europe and some other amazing places, mayhap Brazil.

Austin will either be pretty high up in the Navy or retired...and I will be...who knows? Maybe somewhere along the way I will have gotten a PhD. Austin said he would cut a deal with me and retire wherever I wanted to since I would be following him all over the world for years, but where will that somewhere be?

And where will our friends be in life? OSL will really be old school then. Maybe we will actually be able to afford annual beach house summer vacations by 2032 - hopefully sooner, rather than later :)

In any case it is fun to dream about what the future may bring as we begin this military journey. I am sure my parents never thought they would do half of the things that they have done in the last 30 years.

4 days until I hit RI!


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