Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Lots to do!

Not that I am wishing that time would tick by any faster, but at midnight tonight it will be Wednesday, which means it will be ONE WEEK until I arrive in RI. I have so much to do!

To Do (in no particular chronological order):

  1. Pick out potential outfits
  2. Get haircut/touch up the grays (yes, I really do have gray hair...blame genetics)
  3. Confirm flight
  4. Cancel reservation at beautiful hotel (I'm happy about the navy lodge, I swear)
  5. Pack everything at Madison up, load it into my sisters Civic and haul it back to Chippewa
  6. Do mountains of laundry
  7. Spend quality time with the family 
  8. Figure out how to pack new additions to my arsenal of things (including but not limited to 4 pairs of shoes and at least 5 new books) into the same two already overstuffed suitcases that got me here
  9. When #8 proves to be physically impossible head to the post office for some serious shipping costs
  10. Mail Austin's LAST Monday card
  11. Figure out a way to say goodbye to all the amazing people in Madison
  12. See Dark Knight 
  13. Wrap up all of my mountains of work/schoolwork and get it in before the deadline
  14. Say goodbye to family :'(
  15. Get Excited! (as if I could possibly be less excited as time winds down)


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