Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Pictures from Madison

So one of my new friends Tricia has fierce privacy settings on her Facebook and I have recently been alerted that my friends cannot see these photos unless they are friends with her! She has graciously sent me some of them so that I can post them here for all to see :)

Miss Tricia (one of the fab undergrad interns) and I out on the town. She is headed to USC for Student Affairs next year! woo!


Later that night was my introduction to Ian's pizza. I am eating Barbecue Steak and French Fry pizza here...delish.


This is Miss Melissa (another fab undergrad intern) and I rockin it out at the staff social at a bonfire...so glamorous.

Derek (yet another fab intern) was DETERMINED to play chubby bunny...

even if that meant doing it by himself. 


Tricia was gracious enough to invite me to see Rhythm and Booms with her and her family...we are all cuddled up and ready for the show!

Ahh, the Terrace. One of the top things that I will miss about UW. This is the back patio of their Student Union. Where they serve beer. For real.

So, there are the interns...minus Kevin, who i don't yet have a picture with for whatever reason...but! he is headed to Appalachian State for Student Affairs next year! yay Kevin!


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