Sunday, July 20, 2008

On a much happier note...

Here are some updates about Austin :)

He is officially a full fledged Officer Candidate Candidate Officer now. (His full title is Candidate Ensign Gage) He is acting currently as a liaison for H class, leading them to and from all of their appointments, teaching them tricks of the trade, etc.  He really likes helping them learn and really, really likes seeing how far he has come.

His orders still have not come in, even though they were supposed to be there last week, so cross your fingers for soon.

As far as graduation is concerned, here is the rundown of the schedule:


  • morning: Change of Command ceremony, those in town welcome to attend, but not necessary. (his words, not mine...)
  • afternoon: Lunch on the town with family and friends, followed by general merriment and hanging out :)
  • night: "Hi Moms" dinner, let me or him know if you want to attend
  • 0500: Graduation run, 1.5 miles. Family and friends welcome to run with (but feel free not to, so I can have some company because you know I am not going running at 5 am) followed by breakfast and running quick to change
  • 0700: Private commissioning service, where Austin's dad will swear him in (tears to follow, I will bring the Kleenex)
  • 0900: Graduation Ceremony
  • rest of the day: Celebratory events, TBD
**These are our best guesses on times so far...hopefully he will be able to get me some nailed down times in the next few days.

10 days. Wow.


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