Monday, July 7, 2008

done and done.

He PASSED! Yaaaaaaaaay!

It seemed to take forever for him to call and alert me of this last hurdle today, but he finally called and the news was good!

He passed his Inspection with a 100% and for his PT he did 100 sit ups in two minutes, 87 push ups in two minutes and ran his mile and a half in 10:02. wooooo.

So, bar anything extreme happening he is pretty much guaranteed graduation on August 1. (Thanks goodness--I don't think I could handle an altered countdown)

I am so proud and excited for the 30th to get here to see him in uniform!!

Oh, and the big thing about today? Now he gets to have his cell phone with him. They will be using their cells primarily for work during the don't try to call him a lot, but will have privileges most nights so text him if you want to chat and I am sure he would love to get back to everyone.

Wooo! So excited.


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