Tuesday, June 3, 2008

RLP week

I got the chance to have a good long chat with Austin this Sunday morning...very early Sunday morning...

Apparently he thinks he is going to be graduating on Friday August 1, rather than Saturday August 2 (the 24th [gasp!] birthday of yours truly). So that's exciting!

He also seems to think that the week of graduation he will have liberty, or free time, from like 6 to midnight every night, so I may be going up earlier than anticipated and exploring Newport, RI!

BUT, in order to get to graduation he needs to pass RLP (Room, Locker, Personnel) this week. RLP, as he has explained it to me is a two part test/inspection. The commanding officers of the base will come in and drill on memorized information, and then the DI comes in and inspects all of your stuff. You can only lose 20 points and apparently the point values are completely up to the discretion of the COs or DIs. In other words you can miss one thing and lose one point or you can miss that same thing and lose 20 points. Austin seems to think it is supposed to teach you how to deal with failure that is out of your hands...

I think it sucks.

In any case, keep him in your thoughts and prayers over the next couple of days! He isn't too worried, because it is out of his hands, so why worry? but he is anxiously awaiting getting closer to graduation, so here's hoping for the best!

In other news, I am fine :)


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