Sunday, June 29, 2008


...conversations that is. I got to talk to Austin not only yesterday, but twice today as well! I am considering myself a pretty lucky girl today.

Not too many new updates since yesterday -- turns out that OCS is overflowing with officer candidates, so Austin's three "evolutions" may occur on the same day. (Yikes) The three that remain are his navigation test, which he is semi-worried about because it is so boring he keeps falling asleep in class; his last PT, which he has to show significant improvement on; and a kinda joke PI (=Personnel Inspection, I think) mainly a joke because it is done by his classmates, so no one ever fails.

On the unlucky side of things turns out the Navy Lodge is booked for those entire 4 days I will be in Newport. damn. That was the ONLY place in Newport at a decent I started looking around for another hotel and remembered that hotels offer military discounts!!

I found and reserved this hotel for the entire 4 nights at only a little more than the Navy Lodge would have been! It is in a good location so I feel good that I can explore Newport while Austin is busy with Navy things. If you can count three days not really being together the full time, this is the first vacation we have taken since we graduated high school. Hard to believe. Yay! I am so excited. 31 days till I get to RI and 33 days until graduation!!


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