Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Leisurely Day

Yay for Saturdays! Today was Austin's first day of liberty at OCS. He called me this evening and revealed that he was able to log onto Facebook, hit the bowling alley for some candy and soda (woooooo! the first he has had since April) and have no one yell at him all day!

Also, as for that "super hard" test that he was really worried about? well, it was really hard, but he got a 100! He is rocking out the classroom portion of OCS...his lowest grade to date is a 90. So things are looking good for on time graduation. He only has three "evolutions" (the tasks that if he fails can hold him back) left, so he is feeling a little better about life.

As for me, I actually got to sleep in today! nice. Woke up late, worked out, and headed to the largest fireworks display in the Midwest--Rhythm and Booms--which happens to be held right here in Madison!

I drove out to Tricia's (one of the undergraduate interns) family's house in Waunakee to eat some scrumptious barbeque food and catch the display. We drove out to a hill and stood outside the car with the radio up, they time the fireworks to music and broadcast it over the radio...everything from the Sound of Music and Beethoven to the Beatles and CCR...I got a few pics :)

Yay! It got me so excited for the 4th! I cannot wait to head up to the cabin and enjoy some down time with the fam next weekend! 


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