Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A little about me...

So I realize, thanks to comments of others, that I have neglected to update anyone on things here in Madison, for example, what I am actually doing here.

Here we go!

I am loving life in Madison. It is so great to be back in an urban setting once again. (Sorry Athens, you just don't count, though I love you for a myriad of other reasons) I love walking around the city and being by the water!

I am interning in the Center for the First Year Experience at the University of Wisconsin. This office, rather than just doing orientation (known as SOAR-Student Orientation Advising and Registration) also coordinates Wisconsin Welcome (welcome week) and a first year seminar course, as well as other supportive programs for the entire first year of freshmen and transfer students.

Right now we are running SOAR, which has a crazy schedule. The SOAR freshman programs are a day and a half each and there are simultaneous programs running for both parents and students. We start on Sundays at 8, they finish Monday at 4 meanwhile Mondays session has started at 8 on Monday and finishes at 4 on Tuesday...so we run through Thursday, 4 programs a week. Then Thursday afternoons are staff meetings and socials (yay!) and Fridays are Transfer sessions which run 1 day long, so they start Friday morning and then finish Friday afternoon. (again with simultaneous parent and student programs)

whew. so, that is the schedule.

The staff consists of 18 New Student Leaders, or NSLs, 4 undergraduate interns who supervise the NSLs and 4 professional staff members and me supervising them!

I am having a BLAST and love working full time again. It's almost as full time as consulting...jk.

Here is a picture of the NSLs, interns and some staff at the END of our retreat (so forgive the tired appearances)

Everyone here is great so while I am looking forward to heading back to life in Athens, I will miss all my new friends here!

Luckily two of the undergraduate interns just graduated and are going into Student Affairs programs in the south! Tricia is heading to the University of South Carolina and Kevin is headed to Appalachian State.

Anybody wanna head the the UGA v. USC football game with me in the fall? ;)


florest family

sounds like you are keeping busy---hope things are going well! :)

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