Wednesday, June 11, 2008

busy busy busy

Sorry to keep you all waiting on the updates, but it has been a busy week for me!

We started Freshman Orientations here at UW and in case you haven't been paying attention to the news have been conducting them despite the state of emergency across most of WI...

A little about the fam first -- Zach Brawford graduated high school this weekend! Yay! It was a really long and hot ceremony, but we are all quite proud of him. He will be attending school at UW-Eau Claire and double majoring in Music Education and Music Composition. Pics to come soon!

Also graduating were my cousins Danny and Karyn Malnory. So, we had their party on Saturday and Zach's on Sunday.

I talked to Austin Sunday morning which is when he told me about the ridiculousness of RLP.

Apparently only 20/41 people in his class passed, so he was really happy to be in the passing group!

His test consisted of basic knowledge and prep of uniform etc, and then random things like why he loves the Marine Corps and jumping on and off his bed 100 times...

ohhhh Navy. I love how hazing is legal, so long as it is done by an organization other than a fraternity or sorority, lol.

In other news he got fitted for his dressiest of dress white uniforms and thinks he looks very dapper in it :)

on the flip side when he gets out of OCS he will owe about $2500 in uniform costs, yikes!

I think it is time for a little equality, in the form of a new Coach purse and beautiful new shoes of course, don't you? ;)


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