Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday Update :)

Per usual for a Sunday, my phone rang at 6:46 am this morning. (For all the grumpiness about it being so early, I would not trade it for a nanosecond for not being able to talk to him at all)

On the other end of the phone was my lovely boyfriend who seems really happy and healthy. He did not sound as tired this week and his voice is almost fully back to audible levels.

He said that he had a really fun week :) This week included firefighter training and a simulation of a ship sinking where you have to fix it before you die...the room actually fills up with water, so that I think would be a little scary, but he said it was a good time.

They have a big test this week on motion boards (?) it could have been another "m" word -- motor and movement both come to mind -- gimme a break, I was trying my best to be awake.

In any case he is stressed about that, but claims if he passes it it will be all down hill from there. Only a matter of time...

In other news he improved his overall PT times and amounts; I forget exactly how much but ~76 push ups, ~95 sit ups (both in two minutes) and ~10:00 in the mile and a half run?

He also said that he has lost a little over 10 lbs (...great...) since being there.

In any case, those are the major updates and we are both counting down to a hopeful graduation date of August 1st. Apparently though he will get Wednesday afternoon and all dayy Thursday, except for graduation practice, off, so I am looking at flying in on Wednesday night, July 30! :)

40 days till graduation! (knock on wood...)


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