Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Early morning Sunday phone calls!

It looks as though Austin will be able to call from now on on Sunday mornings! 6:30 am Central Time...

Oh well. I will take what I can get and go back to bed after :)

In the meantime here are his updates from this last Sunday:

He is doing well, happy to be where he is. He really likes his new DI -- as much as you can like someone who calls you a scumbag in every other breath. But, he says that his DI gives some really inspirational speeches on loyalty and service that keep the whole class going. Apparently this last week was all about time management. He wrote about 75 pages in essays this week alone.

He was pretty excited because they were getting Memorial Day off. They got to watch a movie, eat pizza and drink soda for the first time since he has been there. Hopefully I will hear from him again on Sunday!

He is officially in class 18-08 for mailing now, FYI. But, if you are going to send a package, send it to H class if you can remember...they don't make him do push ups to pick up a package over there :)


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