Monday, May 19, 2008

Having Fun?

Austin managed to call again yesterday!

He successfully made it through week one (round two) and described his last few days as "fun"



He then clarified by saying that he realized the ridiculous situation that he is in on Friday when the entire regiment was outside, crawling around and doing push ups in the pouring down rain, covered from head to toe in mud and yuck, being yelled at by Drill Instructors. Definitely a humorous scene, though I don't think I would have that perspective in the moment! Luckily he managed to check his amusement and keep it all inside so as not to get in more trouble for "enjoying" himself.

Updates on me...I got a haircut, headed to Madison yesterday and started my internship today! Pictures soon coming as I am IN LOVE with Madison. (Fitting that I was born here) Such a cool city.

I did a low ropes course today with my new coworkers and had an entertaining moment where I was looking up a climbing wall and wondering if Austin was doing the same thing :)

More to come...11 weeks to go!


♥ Kiki ♥

You need to post a picture of your new haircut on facebook. :-)

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