Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Headed out myself...

I am currently taking a break from packing up our house! I am getting a little teary about being away from my little home this summer, especially since I will be detached from my little family as well...

I am excited about heading to Madison for the summer though in spite of all the missing everyone, including my awesome cohort-mates ;) I know Haley and Justin will take awesome care of Bings and the Navy has Austin under I can't do much but concentrate on my life and writing letters!

Spoke to Austin tonight...he seems to be just trying to get things done while he can. Word on the street is that he is getting the meanest DI ever in his new class (woo hoo!) so we will see how that works out. He got to talk to all of his family this week though, so that's great!

In other updates though, apparently supply school will be a blast. What a change! I will be stressed out about school and Austin will be having fun...oh wait, that's just like this year! :)

He has requested news stories if you are mailing anything to him, clippings, etc. from the election news and just world happenings...I guess there is no time for leisure activities like reading the paper at OCS, haha. If something intrigues you, send it to him!

The next update won't be coming for a while as I will be all over the country this week, but I will update when I can!


♥ Kiki ♥

This blog made me happy. :-) And it is so cute how he wants news clippings. Because if you or I were away without communication, you know we would want our daily perez...LOL.

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