Thursday, June 10, 2010

4 day Weekend

Usually the onset of a four day weekend is something to be heralded, celebrated and savored. Those last few moments of the day when you know you will be released from your prison job for an extended period of time.

And I am excited about one thing this weekend - our anniversary! Austin has some huge surprise planned, which is a big deal since I have been the "cruise director" for the majority of our almost ten years together. I am so excited! I have planned none of what will be happening this weekend and am totally stoked about it.

Also happening this weekend -- ready for it? Picking up my new sideboard! Yay! Yup, that one from Craigslist. I negotiated and sealed the deal. We will be picking it up, hopefully, on Sunday and it will complete our dining room, and all major furniture purchases for the house. Photos to come.

On the other hand though, bookending this fun weekend are Austin's procedures. I am soooo ready to wrap up this whole appendix issue, but spending two days in the hospital worrying will be

Luckily, on the recommendations from good friends, I will have these in attendance with me:

Yes, three books. I read fast. Especially when worrying.

See you guys on the other side.



You are going to adore The Help! I just loved it!

Katherine Andersen

I read The Help and liked it. Did you like the other two books you read?

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