Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A new series...

Every now and then, the degree I hold in English gets the better of me and I feel the need to tell a story. When that need comes up, I generally begin a new series of posts here on ye olde blog.

Are you ready for this?

"Walks with Mr. Bingley"

 Bingley, a short while ago, decided to revert to puppy stage again...

He was so cute as a puppy, wasn't he?

...and begin acting out by doing things like eating my Rainbow flops, or diving under beds and not coming out for hours, all sorts of weird behavior for a grown, distinguished dog who hasn't done these things in years, really. 

A big point for us buying a house was so that we would have a yard for him to play in. Well, we do have a yard, but no fence. And, I am the first to admit we were much better at walks and exercise with him in general when we were forced to be because we lived in a little apartment. 

As a result, we have been taking two walks a day, pretty religiously, which has helped our little pup exert all that extra energy and remain the angelic, furry apple of my eye. Not only has behavior improved again, but I get to spend fun quiet time every morning and afternoon with him where we have funny conversations with neighbors in this insanely dog-friendly neighborhood and embark on silly adventures from time to time. 

Now, we (mainly me, since Bings can't type) will bring those stories to you. Get excited.


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