Thursday, June 3, 2010

Welcome June!

I know I am three days late. No excuse, sorry.

In any case, I want to give a big shout out to June 2010. June 2009 was pretty darn good to us, though it was bittersweet. We got married, moved cross country, bought a house, said goodbye for a first deployment and survived it all.

This June should be a mixture of the same - that's life right?

This month we get to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary. How did that happen so fast? Are you telling me i haven't changed my Facebook profile picture in a year? Holy crap.

{Seriously though, how do you take down such an expensive photo? What photo is worthy enough to replace that? Not some random bar night party shot, I assure you.}

Also happening in June - Austin's surgeries, etc. While I am semi-anxious about two days in a hospital, again, I will be so thankful to have all of this past us!

In a happy twist, I also get to head to D.C. tomorrow to see some of my grad school faves and the bff Corey.

Bring it on June 2010,

Sidenote: Bring It On is an awesome movie

{But not Bring It On: Again or Bring It On: All or Nothing...sequels are lame.}

Super Sidenote: My friend Lisa has not seen the awesomeness of the The Toros v. The Clovers, but she still writes an awesome blog that you can check out here.


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