Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Anniversary Trip

Way back when, like three weeks ago, I blogged about our upcoming wedding anniversary, that has now passed. Thanks to all of our sweet friends who sent us a little not or dropped us a line - we love you guys!

In that post, i also talked about gifts. Paper gifts. Well, good news! We did not get each other the same thing!

Here is what I got Austin:

John Mayer tickets!

He loves him some soulful ballads by one Mr. John Mayer. I thought that this was a genius idea, until I bought the ticket and the only option for delivery was paperless

Paper less? as in without paper? Which is the whole reason that I needed this specific gift in the first place? Youhavegottabefrigginkiddingme. Luckily, by using a little ingenuity (read: google) I found this site. Tres handy. And, he LOVED his present. He will love it even more after we go to the concert I am sure.

On the other hand he got me LOTS of paper. 

Paper in the form of reservation confirmations, paper in the form of tickets and badges and paper in the form of maps. All bearing this happy little logo.

He had everything planned for a glorious weekend in historic Colonial Williamsburg. We stayed on the grounds in the Williamsburg Lodge

In a room that looked sort of like this:

and we walked around here:

and we ate here:

by honest to goodness candlelight

We had drinks and coffee out on the town and overall had an amazing day.

But what trip to Williamsburg could end without a trip to the outlets? So we hit them up too where I may or may not have walked away with some J.Crew and Coach finds...

Thank you, thank you, thank you to my wonderful husband for planning such an awesome anniversary.

I love you babe. Here's to many more <3 



What an awesome anniversary! you are both so creative!

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