Monday, June 7, 2010

Being all married, and stuff.

Today is the 7th of June, which puts us 5 days out from our first wedding anniversary! {wth, how did that happen?}

Won't ever forget this reaction. <3

Austin and I have decided to go the traditional route with our wedding anniversary gifts. Though, we have been together for almost ten years, and on that handy chart 10 years = diamonds. Hm. I may have to rethink this whole thing.

In any case, we are giving each other paper. I know, right? Paper.

So, some creativity is called for, and thanks to these new fangled things called computers, printers and the interwebs that creativity is easy.

My present for the hubs is bought and paid for and it is ROCKING. I know he will love it. Here is the thing though; I am worried he got me the same thing.

Without going into too much detail let me share with you a story from our past, to illustrate how likely this point is.

Way back when Austin and I were in college, I was an English major. The English department at Old dominion puts on a Film Festival every year, and those who are English majors get classes cancelled for the week, yay! and have mandatory attendance at like every event.

{For those interested, it has been going on for much longer than 4 years, but for the last 4 years it has been called ON Film, as in Old Dominion University and the City of Norfolk...get it? ON.}

Austin, being the superstar boyfriend, came to certain film events with me, unless they were about love, women, babies, etc.

One night we decided to go see a theater showing of the Beatles' movie A Hard Day's Night. Awesome movie. So we went to see it in the spring and both loved it.

Christmas rolls around the next year and I think, "I have the best.idea.ever. I am going to buy Austin a DVD of A Hard Day's Night! We had such a flipping fun time that night, and he will NEVER see it coming. Awesome."

As the weeks go on towards gift exchange day, Austin and I tease each other relentlessly about how awesome our gifts are. Well, you can see where this is going. 

We got each other the 

I know. We are super lame and cheesy. And, we love it. 

There are of course, tons of options involving paper. But, somehow we end up doing things like this. So, let's hope we didn't spend buckets of cash on the same gift. Cross your fingers.


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