Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Weekend Recap!

As I am in the full swing of a graduate program, sometimes I have busy days that do not involve blogging. So, I apologize for this being not as timely as I had anticipated!

But, this weekend I made sure I had all of my homework done and put away so I could focus on the lovely Rolland family :)

They got here Friday evening, after a little hiccup in the directions (sorry guys!). The only thing that we really had time for was to watch the boys play Mario Kart on the Wii...soooo entertaining, lol.

We got up Saturday morning, ready for a full day! I made some scrambled eggs to tide us over and then got ready for the day and headed to lunch at the Last Resort! We enjoyed lunch and then moved on to the main feature: Red Velvet Cake.

We each had a slice and did NOT share with the boys :)
Mama Rolland with her cake!
After lunch we headed to Hobby Lobby, a favorite stop for every mom-to-be and bride-to-be, I am sure. Even the boys came :)
After that we headed into Atlanta to go to Lenox Mall and do some shopping! Diana got the cutest top for her baby pictures so that it is a surprise.

Then we grabbed a quick dinner at Outback and headed to the Lasershow Spectacular. It was very...very...laser-y. {Definitely something to take the kids to, but we had a good time anyway.}
We headed home, played some more Wii and hit the hay.
Sunday morning we had a glorious breakfast/brunch at Big City Bread and just sat and talked for a couple hours before they had to head home...
A quick one, but a GREAT weekend!


Diana and Allen Rolland

I love how those were seriously the ONLY pictures we took all weekend - clearly the cake from Last Resort was a top priority!

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