Monday, October 6, 2008

Life Updates!

I haven't really updated so much on what has been happening in our lives as I had been this summer and I guess people are noticing. Ack! Sorry! I will be better, I promise.

The last few weeks have seen some busy times for us here in Athens. I am busy as ever with class and with work, and now wedding planning thrown in the mix. We are waist deep in midterms in my program, so my life has pretty much consisted of trying to study through a haze of medications...I have a lingering sickness that will not get out of my life.

In addition, there have been some developments in the Greek Life Office (where I work) so now in addition to advising the Multicultural Greek Council, I also advise Order of Omega, our honor society. I was VP of Membership for our chapter at ODU, so I am pretty excited about helping them out. I am getting pretty sick of homework, especially after the summer tease of being a full time professional again, so I cannot wait for graduation!

Austin now has a "job" as a stash officer in Athens. He is "stashed" at the Supply School, which means he goes in to work every morning and checks in to see if they have anything for him to do - until he starts class in January. Right now he has secured a "job" at the Supply School Museum. He scans old newsletters and things into a computer to create digital files for them, and then calls it a day around noon. Tough life.

He has had a lot of fun recently with two of his OCS buddies, Connor and Hayes, who have moved to Athens. We have been all over the place showing them this cool little town.

The Supply School is really beautiful, so I will make sure that we get down there and get some photos. Once upon a time it was the Female Normal School (or Teacher's College) counterpart to the all male UGA. In 2011 it will again be acquired by UGA, but this time to be the medical school campus.

Well, I hope that catches everyone up! Look for more current, and smaller, updates in the future :)


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