Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Rollands are rolling in...

That title only works when written down because they actually pronounce their last name "Rahlland" but whatevs.

I am SO excited to see the whole family this weekend! Allen, Diana, Kalea and little baby Emma Grace (in utero and all, but still)

We have quite a weekend planned! Saturday will consist of

  • lunch at Last Resort for some yummy food - and possibly the best red velvet cake in the south - followed closely by Publix, no joke.
  • fun walking around downtown Athens and heading to Atlanta for dinner
  • an undisclosed dinner location in Atlanta - read: whatever we feel like.
  • and then to Stone Mountain for the last showing of the 25th Anniversary edition of LASER SHOW SPECTACULAR
It should be so much fun!!! So excited!

I think Sunday we will probably just hang out a little bit, hit up Big City Bread for breakfast, and do some chillaxin.

I am so excited for this weekend, especially because I am kicking it off tomorrow with a Pumpkin Carving Party! Bring on the fall :)


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