Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lemons and Melons and Pears, Oh My!

YAY for Wicked!

As was previously told to me, the musical is very different than the book...a much happier ending, I must say.

We ladies had SO much fun, and we have been serenading our cohort with songs like "Popular" since Sunday trying to convince them they are "hanging with the right cohort" (LOL)

The show was at the fabulous Fox Theater in downtown Atlanta. The inside of the theater is very Moroccan and the ceiling is lit so that it looks like you are in a courtyard at night, below the open sky. There are even clouds rolling across the sky throughout the productions!

In any case we had awesome seats and thoroughly enjoyed our evening...we snapped the picture below as we ran out of the theater at the end, and had to fight against crowds to stop and get it, so please excuse the, uh, scandalous way my strap has fallen off of my shoulder...I blame it on everyone else being so much shorter than me (no offense girlies :) )

I swear I had a shawl with me, it is just hidden behind my other ladies! Or maybe I was just feeling wicked ;)

Too much? Yup, I know, I couldn't resist.


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