Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy Anniversary Babe

Wow. 8 years. And our last anniversary as an unmarried - yet fabulously committed - couple! So weird!

I figured that I would share the story of how we met, that will be posted on our wedding website to commemorate the occasion, as well as some of our favorite nostalgic photos. Enjoy!

How We Met:

as recounted by the bride:

One day, a few years ago, a striking young woman was asked to join her high school's musical production of Guys and Dolls stage crew team. Though she knew nothing about constructing or moving sets, or for that matter anything about musicals, she agreed.
Upon arrival at her first after school meeting, she realized that she knew even less than she thought that she did about stage crew. She was quickly sent to dry brush more than a thousand tiny window panes for the cityscape backdrop and was heartily ignored by the rest of the crew, save one young man.

That young man thought to himself "Wow, that young lady is so amazing. She dry brushes like nobody's business. I must get to know her better."

And so he did. And so they fell in love.

as recounted by the groom:

I remember it vividly - a beautiful girl in the corner of the stage working tirelessly on a backdrop for the school musical. She seemed to always be dry brushing (a technique used to add depth).

I am not good at this effect, however I searched for any reason to be near her.

After, I'm sure, a few awkward attempts, I finally got my chance. During a nightly performance, the girl who will be my wife and I pushed a flat out onto the stage. As we were rushing back to the wings, the lights went up early and she was about to step out on center stage.

I reached out and grabbed her hand.

We spent the next forty five minutes trapped behind the flat in whispered conversation. Under those lights I found my love.

Tech Crew...where it all started.
A weekend in the mountains (Fall 2001)
 Prom (Spring 2002)
At prom
 Watching the sunrise on the beach, after prom
Graduation (Spring 2002)
Graduation night. He was just sleeping. I swear ;)
Top of the Empire State Building. Note the Weezer patch on Austin's jeans. (Fall 2002) 
Baby, I love you and I cannot wait to be Mrs. Courtney Rae Brawford Gage ;)



awwww!!!! happy anniversary!!! I love you!!

Adam and Jessica

Ahh you guys are soooo cute!! Congrats on 8 happy years! PS..Love the mountains shot, was that at cabin weekend? You guys need to come one year again when you're in the states if that works out with the military life. We miss you guys.


such sweet recollections! I had no idea it all started when Austin saved you from striding out into the fake city streets! And those are some fantastic photos... you must know some skilled photographers :)

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