Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Party in the Fall

Friday afternoon I had the most fun in attendance at a Pumpkin Carving Party hosted by Miss Jessica Morgan (one of my cohortmates).

This lady is full of Southern grace and hospitality and is a fantastic cook! I promised to make some Ghost Cupcakes which was an idea that I had gathered bits and pieces from in different places.

When I described them to my mom she made me promise to take a picture regardless of how they turned out (so she could laugh if I failed miserably, I presume) but they actually came out pretty cute! Take a look:

So what are they? Chocolate Cupcakes (recipe from here) with homemade Cream Cheese Frosting (recipe from my big, red Betty Crocker Cookbook) and Meringue Puffs (recipe from here). I used some of the frosting and some food coloring to make the purple eyes...
They were pretty labor intensive, but combined with Jessica's Chicken Tortilla Soup and Turkey Chili and Cornbread, check out this table:

After gorging on some awesome food we all headed outside to carve up some pumpkins! I haven't carved a pumpkin since maybe before high school and had a blast. Check out our sweet pumpkins:

Mine is the small one, second from the actually wasn't that small...Margaret's pumpkin was just, look at it close up:

A scary haunted house! It has a candle in it and is sitting outside our door...bring on the fall!



what a cool idea for a party! and I love your ghost cupcakes!

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