Friday, April 9, 2010

Quarter Life {Summer} Crisis

It recently came upon us {well me, more so than Austin since he has been playing at being a grown up for a while now} that this is the first summer since I started school that I will not be having a summer vacation!

Granted, two summers ago I did work all summer at the University of Wisconsin, this blog itself was a testament to the fact that working at Wisconsin was still one of the best summers ever, and it felt like a vacation most of the time.

So, when the weather started getting nicer, I began having those coutdown to flinging the books out my locker kind of days, like the beginning of all those great summer vacation movies from when we were kids. That was the best feeling ever!

Remember locker clean out day? The humidity hanging in the air, the thrill of getting to throw paper all over the hallway floors, and knowing it was all counting down to f-r-e-e-d-o-m? Good times, good times.

Well, when I realized that I would be working in my normal job this summer, all summer long, with three huge windows to gaze out onto the glorious beach weather with, I became one sad grown up.

Instead of remaining sad faced Austin and I have decided to have

"the best ever, most awesome summer-even-though-we-don't-have-summer-vacation-anymore."

Yay for us! Not only will we be traveling to Italy this summer with some of our best friends, but we have decided that while we are young and hip, we should take advantage of all the other things summer has to offer with our similarly young and hip friends.

On the agenda/idea list:

  • Honeymoon - finally.
  • Renting a sailboat for a day and sailing in the Atlantic
  • Concerts, concerts and more concerts
  • Grilling out
  • Trips to DC
  • Busch Gardens
  • Watching the entire West Wing series while other shows are on reruns
  • HP world, though this may wait until Fall so that Kat can join us
  • OSL Summer Weekend Extravaganza
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and random glasses of wine on the front porch swing
  • Colonial Williamsburg
  • a new puppy (!)
  • Bikes!
  • Beach days
 We will be adding to the list I am sure as the time comes, but for now I am excited that we have resolved to have a fun summer even though we have to be grown ups.


Megan My Dear

we are going to HP land in June!

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