Thursday, March 17, 2011

Shut the Front Door

As I alluded in my other post about our projects, we also recently took care of one of the projects that has been on my list since before we put an offer on this house. No, seriously.

It was one of the biggest things that I hated about our house.




I love our front porch. It is one of the things that sold us about this house. We love hanging out outside. We have updated the landscaping, added those shutters, changed the lighting, changed the house numbers, painted the bead board ceiling blue, and added cute little accents to make it welcoming.

But, that door.

Don't ask me why I hated it, I have no idea. I just thought it was ugly and needed to go.

I even tried to just update the door to live with it. I painted it red, hung a wreath with every season, bought new hardware, and highlighted the beautiful stained glass piece that the previous owners saved from the original house door.

But, that storm door. Ugh.

So, it was always on the list. Finally, Austin and I got around to going in and special ordering the door we really wanted (historic homes = special size, not found in stores doors). And last weekend, Austin and his dad started installing it.

I was so excited.

I took pictures. I did actually help a know, reading instructions, finding "missing parts", etc.

The checked and re-checked measurements...

and checked some more...

I got bored and snapped this photo of my tea olives' growth. 
Yay for not killing plants! 

They measured some more...

I went and got them drinks and snacks...

They did some cutting and installing...
Did I mention we got to buy a hacksaw that day? 
It seems every project leads to a new tool purchase...

Installed all the locks and latches...and it worked!

 Doesn't it just look happier?
Also, please don't mind the reflection...
I was too excited to care about not being in the photo myself.

Before and After



Our neighbors recently came over and told us how much they love it too. You wouldn't believe the amount of light that it lets into the living room now. Plus, the puppy, and someday baby, can see outside without jumping up on the door. Bonus.

I still want to add a door knocker of some sort under the stained glass, a la my YHL faves, just to balance things out a bit. And we need a new non-faded welcome mat. But all of that pales in comparison to this door being completed.

We love it.

...and it only took 20 months to get it done ;)


florest family

It looks great! I love it! We also have to special order our door and have been going on 1 1/2 years of planning to do it. I seriously cannot wait to get rid of it! Maybe this post will get us motivated :)


Great upgrade!!!

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