Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bloggers, Bloggers everywhere

So, I have tons of new blogs from friends and family to share.

1. Dr. Lisa has started a fun new blog over at The Clinical Truth. She's three posts in on her spreading her wings as a psychotherapist with humor and I am hooked.

2. My dear friend Jess is being her true Southern self over at Grits & Gravy. She will tell you all about student affairs, cooking and hostessing, and of course, the Junior League. I thought I linked to this girlie a long time ago, but turns out I am a liar. Go check her out.

3. Allana has joined the blogging world! This young couple just moved to Lynchburg and are blogging their adventures at Our Long Life Together

4. My little bro (who is super cool and in a band that is playing here this weekend, if you happen to live in or near Minneapolis) has joined the blogging world as well. He doesn't really sleep, so you can catch him at the aptly titled Adventures through Awakeland: Insomniatic Tales

Or you can keep up with them via the links found over there -->

I'm out.


Megan My Dear

mike has a blog too!


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