Friday, March 4, 2011

Music at Work

So, I have a very desk-oriented job. {read: I sit on my a$$ all day, though now that I am ku'd I have a recurring appointment on my calendar to get up and walk around every 20 minutes or so}

Besides contributing to stagnancy and weight gain {inner monologue: "how was I so skinny in grad school? I ate out all the time, didn't work out...oh yeah, but I walked.everywhere"}a desk job is actually really great for grooving to some tunes. When I first started, I was issued headphones like these ones, just like all my other coworkers.

Aren't they cute?

Well, a few weeks ago, word came down from the top that wearing these headphones and listening to music makes us look "closed off" from students or other employees wandering around. So these headphones went in the drawer. We could still listen to music {though that was touch and go for a while} but we would need to use ear buds. Much smaller and less imposing looking.

The only ear buds I have are the set that I keep in my car for when I go to the gym. I need them to go to the gym. I hate working out. Like hate it. Not when I am actually there, or the feeling after - that is great (yay endorphins), but the whole getting dressed for it and actually dragging my butt to the gym - no thanks. It takes serious motivation. That motivation exists in the fact that i can still watch Food Network nonsense programming while I am on the treadmill/elliptical. 

Yup, I am that girl.

I need a distraction so that I don't just think about how exhausted I am or how much that hurts or whatever. Even when I was running regularly, back in the good old TLC days, I was not that girl that was all "just me and the road". Hello iPod. I can't be alone with my thoughts! Are you crazy? That's why I read. 

I am totally mentally healthy, no worries.

So, the ear buds have stayed in the car. Little reminders in my center dash to Now that they are in my office however, you can certainly believe that this music policy has not only contributed to my stagnancy, but to the fact that I will never go to the gym again. Its fate has been sealed.

Don't worry though, someone is getting a workout. Those big ol' headphones. Since they aren't allowed on my head, they are being stretched to their limits on my belly, so Baby G can enjoy the tuneage too.

I hope (s)he enjoys

I am going to be the BEST mom.


Jessica and Adam Herndon

haha...i think we need a photo of Baby G listening to her set of headphones on your belly!

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