Friday, August 27, 2010

About those recaps... all are clearly used to my blog slacking excuses by now. Haha. ha? anyone?

But in light of the fact that Austin and I have been recovering from a serious knock you down flu/cold whatever this week (we think we caught it on the plane...and we suspect the extra pungent flyer sitting directly behind Austin) I haven't had the strength or general wherewithal to pull out my camera cord and actually upload our photos. But I will, I promise.

In the mean time, I have an update for all of my fellow allthingswedding lovers out there. My friend Shelby is getting married and is blogging about it! Yay!

She is "taking the plunge" here.

Also, the lack of actual wedding recaps on my own wedding blog - after a year, I know, I know, I suck at life - were the topic of a conversation in Italy this week. And due to what may be a small amount of interest, I am challenging myself to actually recap our wedding!

We had tons of friends who couldn't be in attendance because of our last minute date change, and apparently some of them do still want to hear the stories. Plus, I would like to jot them down before I forget all the special moments myself. So, go check Shelby out and stick around here and on our wedding blog for all the recap glory.


Jessica and Adam Herndon

YAY! You know I'm excited about the recaps...and I've already been reading all about Shelb's upcoming wedding. Hope you're feeling better...Adam is now sick too from that stupid recirculated air and we weren't even all on the same flight. Boo!

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