Thursday, March 5, 2009

Is that...snow?

I apologize for the lack of blog posts recently, but we didn't have internet {or water, or electricity}for a few days after record snowfalls here in Georgia.

I, for one, didn't even know that there was a possibility of snow this past weekend, let alone the amounts that we received. Sunday morning a friend called me and let me know that is was sleeting and that she had slipped off the road. {She and her car are fine}

A little while later, as Austin and I were hanging out on the couch and watching TV we noticed our satellite signal going out, and looked outside to see this:

 {Well, this will never last, we thought}

{Let's just clean off the satellite and head back inside}

But, a little while was still coming down!

{around 1pm}

and later there was this around 3pm:

and this:


and this, around 4pm:


After this it got too dark to take any good pictures, but all in all we got about 6 inches of snow. 6 inches!!! The snow would have been enough trouble for the city to take care of in a place where we barely ever see it, but it was also the really heavy packing sort of snow. This snow, combined with our long time drought {which made the trees brittle} and the recent rainfalls {which made the ground soft} made for trees coming down all over the city.

Which led to wires down.

Which led to power outages. And cable outages.

And in our neighborhood, a tree went down whose roots were conveniently wrapped around our water pipes.

Good times.

In any case, we made the best of it. Austin and I and a few of our friends ventured out {thank goodness for four wheel drive} and headed to one of the only places with power in town. Moe's. We had some burritos, drinks and a few laughs, and by the time we headed back to our apartment the power was back! So was our TV since we have satellite {but still no water}. We settled in for some Rock Band, card games and snacks and had a great Blizzard Party...and stayed up late since we had all received word that both UGA and the Navy Supply Corps School would be closed on Monday. Everyone loves a snow day!


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