Monday, February 23, 2009

Weekend Project

A few weeks ago I went stir crazy and convinced Austin to help me rearrange our living room furniture. This is not such a new concept for me, since my father always said my mother rearranged furniture during every month with an "R" in it (think about it -- that's a lot), but for Austin it was like pulling teeth.

I love the arrangement so much more than what we had before, but since then it has always kind of bugged me that we had nothing above the television. I hate blank walls. Living on base (where you cannot paint) is going to be one of the worst parts of military wife-ing for me. So, this weekend we undertook a project.

Even though it is not technically my last name yet, here is the final project:


We had the mats cut at Hobby Lobby, and bought the frames there as well at 50% off. I downloaded the photos online, so this was a pretty cost effective project in sort of the same vein as the popular found alphabet type projects, but more vibrant, in my opinion (and again cost cheap).

We also started our collection of prints from all of the places we have lived with a print I picked up in Madison this summer representing the famous Terrace Chairs at UW.

We love it! What do you think? 


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