Monday, February 23, 2009

'Weekend' Trip

...I use the term "weekend" loosely as really it was a Thursday - Friday trip.

To where, you ask?

To see little Miss Emma Grace!

I had been dying to drive up and see the whole Rolland family, and finally had the opportunity this past week. Diana is one of my nearest and dearest friends, so to be so close and have the opportunity to meet this new part of her life was a must. (And, might I also say that I hate that we are moving further away just as Emma has entered the world!)

I arrived on Thursday evening to their lovely home where, despite Diana claiming otherwise, everything was as spic and span as it normally is, despite having a 5 week old in residence. I was amazed, but shouldn't have been, clearly, since Diana is a homemaker extraordinaire.

Emma is so beautiful and sweet! She loves sleeping on people's chests and snuggled up in what is referred to as her "butterball" stance on my chest to sleep a few times while I was there. It will melt your heart.

It was really great just to see this new family and how they are all shining in their new roles. I love spending time with such loving and down to earth people. I stayed until Saturday morning and then headed back to good old Athens so that both my little family and theirs could still get some weekend tasks accomplished (more on that later).

And now for some shots of the cutie pie in her - and mom's - new favorite thing; her swing.

{isn't she precious?!} 


The Hrudowsky Family

I'm so excited that you got to meet Miss Emma! Aren't sleeping babies awesome!

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